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Sailing-, motorsailer- and power catamarans

from 55 - 80 feet in aluminium, made in Holland
Zuverlässig • autark • elegant • robust

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"The average gives the world its continuance. The extraordinary gives its value."
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)


With decades of experience with multihulls, the CATAMARIS® team develops, plans and builds "custom made" blue water catamarans from 16 - 25 meters, according to your requirements. For owners who require something unique.

Unique selling proposition "Full Custom“

A special unique selling proposition (USP) of CATAMARIS® is the willingness to realize even special customer requirements. Many shipyards cannot or do not want to do this. CATAMARIS® catamarans are also available with ice reinforcement and for wheelchair users. Each new catamaran is unique.

Independent on all seas

Reliable • elegant • self-sufficient • solid • complete
Catmar catamarans are also perfectly equipped for explorer cruises in high and low latitudes. In all weathers, on all seas: Bahia California - Galapagos - Formentera - Ushuaia - Beagle Channel - Cape Horn - St.Barth - Nuuk - Northwest Passage - Anchorage - Helsinki - Cagliari - Seattle - Fiji - Cannes - Tao Mo...

Sustainable, unique: Certified aluminium at Catamaris

Not all aluminium is the same: CATAMARIS® exclusively processes aluminium of class 5083 H 321/H111 certified by "Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas or Lloyd's Register". Only this material has the best corrosion and seawater resistance. High strength, stable, temperature resistant from -270 to + 80 degrees, absolutely non-combustible, no painting necessary, no corrosion. Read more about the special advantages of aluminium.

Exterior Designer – Naval Architect

Together with you, our team partners, the naval architects of MARIMECS, will be planning and designing your dream catamaran. As "Custom" design based on the shown design examples or as a completely new "Full Custom" design.

Interior Designer

Together with you and our team partner, the interior designer Franck Darnet, the interior design will be created: modern or classic, functional or luxurious - according to your wishes.

The shipyard

CATAMARIS® catamarans are built by "Dijkstra Yachtbau" in Harlingen (Holland), founded in 2003. Dijkstra is specialized in aluminium and is certified by "Germanischer Lloyd" and "Bureau Veritas". Pilot boats and supply catamarans for offshore wind farms in the North Sea are also built there. Ships that operate 365 days a year in all weathers and sea states. Dijkstra Yachtbau is your central contractor for the entire newbuilding project, including planning.

Visit shipyard and architects

In the morning a detailed tour of the shipyard - lunch - in the afternoon getting to know the architects and discussing your individual project.

Please book an appointment

Get to know the CATAMARIS® team

The CATAMARIS® team is your attendant for planning, new building, delivery and after-sale services right from the first moment. Find out more about the various commitments of the team partners.

Get to know the CATAMARIS® Team

Contact, guidance, design, project management

Contact, guidance and creation of your individual catamaran, personal support of the owners during the entire planning and construction phase up to the handover as well as project management are the tasks of Chris Minnee (Katwijk-NL), Rolf Kohlhas (Bonn-D) and Catherine Relandeau (Les Sables d`Olonne-F).

Please let us know your preferences


The exterior design of your new catamaran yacht can be created and further adapted in cooperation with our team partner, the naval architects of MARIMECS, based on the suggestions shown above.

Or as a unique "full custom" design based on your wishes, completely designed from scratch.

Also a version as "Explorer Yacht" with ice reinforcements at the bow and in the area above and below the waterlines as well as a version optimised for wheelchair users is possible.

The examples shown here serve as a suggestion and to illustrate the outstanding construction quality.

Even if you already have your own design from another designer, Catamaris® can build according to your plans.

Examples of designs


The interior design of the CATAMARIS® catamarans is planned and created together with you and our team partner FRANK DARNET. As a "custom" design adapted to your wishes on the basis of a further development of the examples shown or as a completely new "full-custom" interior design.

Modern or classic, functional or luxurious.

Even if you already have your own design from another designer, Catamaris® can build according to your plans.

Examples of designs

Detailed info

These designs are planning examples created individually for customers. Together with our naval architect and interior designer, you can plan with us your very own new building according to your wishes.

Views – Plans – Data

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From the planning to the baptising of the ship

My perfect ship

The Owner

I was looking for something "not off the rack". A custom-made new building, designed entirely according to my wishes. A sailing catamaran and a motor catamaran, but both at the same time! And as building material only aluminium. A smaller rig with sails that can be operated by myself or my wife alone under all circumstances. And 2 powerful engines. The tank volume must guarantee a transatlantic passage. After a long search, I arrived at CATAMARIS®.

The CATAMARIS® team developed a tailor-made concept with its architects, drew up the construction plans and provided me with the best shipyard. The successful maiden voyage with my "Parana III" led over 6,000 nautical miles under engines from Holland via the Rhine, Danube River, Danube, Black Sea, Eastern and Western Mediterranean, Portugal and Biscay and back to the shipyard in Holland where rig and sail were assembled. Currently I am heading for new destinations via Canary Islands further west into the world... At CATAMARIS® I have been provided with my perfect ship!

The founders of CATAMARIS®


Most catamaran shipyards offer series-produced ships that cannot be adapted to customer requirements at all or only to a very limited extent. Many shipyards cannot or do not want to do this either, as this disturbs the rational series construction.

Individual yacht building according to the customer's wishes - rather than according to shipyard specifications - is increasingly in demand.

This is why Chris Minnee, Rolf Kohlhas and Catherine Relandeau - all with decades of experience with catamarans - have founded CATAMARIS®.

We have the sensitivity to understand your wishes and requirements and to give them the utmost priority.

We're at the heart of shaping concepts and design, new constructions, construction supervision and delivery.

Our Mission

CATAMARIS® is your partner for planning, new building and delivery of "custom- and full custom made" deep-sea catamaran yachts.

A special unique selling proposition (USP) of CATAMARIS® is the readiness to meet all customer wishes as far as they are technically feasible and guarantee the safety of the construction.

CATAMARIS® is one of the few manufacturers which offer custom catamarans from 55 feet and larger. The partners of CATAMARIS® combine decades of experience in the multihull industry, they put their experience, expertise and knowledge at the service of customers who want something unique.

CATAMARIS® presents you with the following benefits and strengths:

  • Listening, responding to your suggestions
  • Guaranteeing a properly engineered and well thought-out complete solution from a single source Integration of expert skills from all yacht subsections
  • Networking of professional expertises from all yacht subdivisions
  • Independence, neutrality and confidence
  • Development of concept, awarding contract, project management, testing, delivery
  • Professional monitoring of the newly-built vessel and the construction costs
  • Straightforward handover of your new catamaran yacht

We have the sensitivity to understand your wishes and requirements and to give them the utmost priority. We work with you to select the right catamaran type and the most experienced architects, designs and the shipyard for your very own, custom-made project.

...place your highly individual dream into our experienced hands...

Get to know the CATAMARIS-Team...




NL-2223 BT Katwijk, Niederlande

Languages: NL GB

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Phone: +31 (0) 71 - 40 81523

Email: chris@catamaris.com


Contact, advice, support of customers during the planning and construction phase including tests, handover, coaching and training, baptizing. After-sale services. Project manager during the entire construction phase.

Rolf Kohlhas


D-53179 Bonn, Deutschland

Languages: DE GB ES

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Phone: +49 – (0)228 – 933 999 08

Email: rolf@catamaris.com


Contact, advice, support of customers during the planning and construction phase including tests, handover, coaching and training, baptizing, After-Sale service

Catherine Relandeau


F-85100 les Sables d'Olonne, Frankreich

Languages: FR GB

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Phone: +33 (0) 6 892 792 06

Email: catherine@catamaris.com


Contact, advice, support of customers during the planning and construction phase including tests, handover, coaching and training, baptizing, After-Sale services


Willem Stolk

MARIMECS - Naval Architects

8331 TK Steenwijk, Niederlande

Languages: NL GB DE

Contact: Willem Stolk

Phone: +31 521 534 190

Email: catamaris@marimecs.com

Website: www.marimecs.com


Preliminary planning, concept, pre-design, engineering, construction plans, aluminium cutting files, cooperation with the shipyard in the construction phase, inspection and acceptance

Frank Darnet – Interior Designer

FRANK DARNET – Interior Designer

44000 Nantes, Frankreich

Languages: FR GB

Contact: Franck Darnet

Phone: +33 2 40 08 06 37

Email: contact@darnet-design.com

Website: www.darnet-design.com


Preliminary talks with the customer, giving ideas, conception, design drafts, pre-design, final design

Nanning Dijkstra Jolies Dijkstra

DIJKSTRA shipyard

8861 KN Harlingen, Holland

Languages: NL GB

Contact: Nanning & Jolies Dijkstra

Phone: +31 517 579 580

Email: info@dijkstrametaalbewerking.nl

Website: dijkstrametaalbewerking.nl/jachtbouw/


Dijkstra Jachtbouw is your contractual partner for the entire new building project according to the plans of Marimecs and Franck Darnet. Including all responsibilities of team partners, subcontractors, architects, construction drawings, project management, construction supervision, construction accompaniment, construction insurance, acceptance, tests, handover, registration, payment protection, after-sale and guarantee.


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Rolf Kohlhas
D-53179 BONN

Phone: +40 (0) 228 933 999 08
Mobile: +49 (0) 171 74 22 076

Email: rolf@catamaris.com

Catherine Relandeau
F-85100 les Sables d'Olonne
Atlantic Coast - France

Mobile: +33 (0) 6 892 792 06

Email:: catherine@catamaris.com

Chris Minnee
NL-2223 BT Katwijk

Phone: +31 (0) 71 - 40 81523
Mobile: +31 (0) 6 - 2240 3534

Email: chris@catamaris.com

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