Catherine Relandeau

Catherine Relandeau

Born in 1964. Sailed on the Optimist aged 8, then on 420, 470 and Laser as a teenager. My one dream at this time was to spend time on boats.

This dream became true: I started my Bachelor's degree in languages (English and German) in 1985 at the Finance department of Beneteau Group. But I was so taken with the catamaran concept that I transferred to the Jeantot Marine shipyard in 1989, where I worked on the introduction of the now globally-renowned Privilege cruising catamaran. I then spent 20 years in international sales of this luxury catamaran, measuring up to 75 ft, to private individuals at Alliaura Marine.

Listening, showing understanding for the expectations of my customers, and helping them to achieve their dreams. I had fantastic experiences with a number of extraordinary personalities, such as Dennis Conner and Philippe Jeantot, and worked on various catamaran designs in accordance with client specifications. On my international travels to my customers, I discovered new brands, and I still enjoy sailing even more by the day (when I can find the time!)

I founded CATHYACHT International in 2010 so that I could offer my customers all the experience and expertise I had gathered within this market.

It was a natural evolution to establish CATAMARIS® in order to help a number of exclusive owners make their dreams of super-catamarans come true, using my dedication, experience and passion...together with my partners, Rolf and Chris!