Rolf Kohlhas

Rolf Kohlhas

Born in 1950. Professional training as a wholesale and export merchant along with further training as a technical timber merchant after a background in studying business administration and practice in wood and construction companies. 1979 saw a step towards independence with the creation of a chain of stores specialising in sportswear, boasting 23 branches across Germany.

1978 - 1983 training for and completion of all sailing licences, instructor licence.

A yacht sales company was established in 1986; a distributor of sailing yachts from world-renowned, leading manufacturers.

Ever since 1996, the company's main focus has been on distributing open-water catamarans to internationally-renowned shipyards. As of 2012, there has been an additional focus on the conception, planning and construction supervision for large-scale, custom-made catamaran projects.

Strengths: Listening, advising, conceptualising, organising, checking, sales, technical and supportive expertise.

A unique network of expertise for the realization of your demanding catamaran project emerged from the sum of accumulated experience and that of my partners Catherine Relandeau and Chris Minnee was founded in 2012: CATAMARIS®