Catamaran Motor Yachts

Blue Coast 58 Power

Blue Coast 58 Motor

An attractive, modern full-custom motor catamaran for worldwide blue water cruising. Transatlantic range possible with extra tanks. Built in a European shipyard.

Blue Coast 80 Power

Blue Coast 80 Motor

A luxurious, attractive cruiser motor catamaran. Ocean-going, transatlantic range. Full-custom design according to your individual preferences.

Blue Coast 100 power catamaran

Blue Coast 100 Motor

Dynamic design, luxurious interior on 200 sqm. Jet propulsion allows for over 25 knots of speed. Customised design to suit your personal style. Transatlantic range.

Motor Catamarans

You can't buy a new "full-custom" motor catamaran that has been individually designed according to your requirements.

But you can have it built:

Catamaris® is a company, brand, designer, architect, shipyard and manufacturer of fast, sophisticated "full-custom" made motor catamaran yachts for worldwide blue water cruising with experienced shipyards in Holland, Germany and Europe.