Catamaran Sailing Yachts

Blue Coast 65 Sail

A new, modern full-custom performance catamaran for a couple with fast sailing characteristics and dynamic design for worldwide blue water cruising.

Sailing catamaran blue coast 75 - style view exterior

Blue Coast 75 Sail

An elegant, attractive and fast luxury sailing catamaran. Single-handed suitable, safe. Design according to your preferences, built in a European shipyard.

Blue Coast 82

Blue Coast 82 Sail

Dynamic styling, front cockpit, bright interior, luxurious, racing-quality. Individual full-custom design according to your personal requirements.

Blue Coast 92 exterior

Blue Coast 92 Sail

A luxurious blue water sailing catamaran. Design with modern, elegant lines. Also available according to your ideas as a completely new "one-off" design.

Blue Coast 95-1

Blue Coast 95-1 Sail

Ocean going, fast luxury catamaran. Full custom made in Europe. 8 guests, 4 crew. Design customisable according to your personal imagination.

Blue Coast 95-2

Blue Coast 95-2 Sail

Elegant high-tech sailing catamaran with timeless sophistication. First class sailing and engine performance. Made in Europe, full-custom design.

Blue Coast 101 top view

Blue Coast 101 Sail

Clever luxury double deck aluminium concept with master suite forward. Good sailing performance. Design can be adapted to your imagination.

Blue Coast 105 Sail

Fast elegant luxury catamaran with timeless design. Long waterlines and efficient sail plan provides more than 20 knots of speed under sail.

Sailing Catamarans

A full-custom sailing catamaran designed entirely according to the owner's individual requirements cannot simply be ordered and purchased from a series-production shipyard or yacht dealer.

But one can have it built:

CATAMARIS® is a company, brand, architect, designer, shipyard, producer, yacht builder and manufacturer of fast sailing, sophisticated "full-custom" made ocean cruising catamaran yachts for worldwide blue water cruising. The Catamaris® partner shipyards are located in Holland, Germany and Europe.