Catmar Explorer® 64 Sail Wheelchair

A handicapped wheelchair-bound owner would like to be able to sail the ship autonomously by himself or go on cruises with employed, non-disabled crew or go on voyages with his non-disabled partner as skipper.

Catamaris® has designed an ideal, strong and wheelchair friendly Explorer Catamaran for this purpose for worldwide blue water cruising and circumnavigation. 

The hulls, deck, deckhouse and the entire structure are made of certified aluminium. Safe, strong, reliable and robust! Built in our shipyard in Holland.

The result is a stable, homogeneous and torsion-resistant structure without the annoying creaking noises that can occur with GRP constructions or mixed forms - such as hulls made of aluminium, deck and superstructure made of GRP - in rough seas.

Catamaris® is committed to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Numerous building components can be recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly way, see below.


All configurations have in common that wheelchair users have unrestricted access to the cabin deck, saloon deck and cockpit inside and outside, as well as to the flybridge, and can get on and off the dinghy with the wheelchair, as well as into the dinghy at anchor.

The main feature here is to provide the wheelchair user with unrestricted access on and off board as well as transfer from deck to deck at all times by suitable means.

Bathrooms and toilets, the galley, doors and furniture are equipped for disabled access.

CATAMARIS® uses specially designed innovative wheelchair accessible stairs for vertical movements in the ship, which include a lift platform in the system that can be activated at the push of a button when needed. When not in use, only the stairs are visible.

For boarding the dinghy or for swimming, the hydraulic stern platform is also perfect for wheelchair users. All-round access to the side decks and the foredeck is provided by another lift platform on the side deck near the cockpit.

All sail controls are centralised at the outside steering position and can also be operated from a wheelchair. The outside steering position is accessible by wheelchair.

This configuration can also be realised on larger (70-74ft.) or on smaller (55-58ft.) Catmar Explorer® catamarans.

The yacht is built from class 5083 H 321/H111 aluminum, which is certified by "Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas or Lloyd's Register" More about the advantages of aluminium.

Our Explorer catamarans are equipped with bow reinforcements and crash boxes with watertight bulkheads.

Strong highly effective foam insulation throughout the interior provides protection against heat and cold and contributes to a pleasant interior climate.  

Available with conventional diesel engines or with the innovative electric hybrid system "Green Eco Power Supply". 

Headroom in saloon 2.10 m, in hulls 2.05 m. CE Certification Category A with 12 persons.

Optionally available reinforcements, approx. 30 cm above and below each of the 4 waterlines, provide increased protection against containers, flotsam and ice in Arctic waters.

Design according to your ideas

The design of the Catmar Explorer® 64 Wheelchair can be customised to your individual requirements in terms of the flybridge design, the number, layout and design of the cabins, the saloon, the interior fittings, the furnishings, ceilings and walls as well as the entire technical equipment.

Alternatively, a completely new "full custom" design is also possible according to your preferences and ideas.

The designing and construction costs are comparable to those of some semi-custom manufacturers. However, with Catamaris® there are no restrictions on the realisation of your ideas and desires thanks to the "full-custom" construction method.

In the final result, every customer gets his Catmar Explorer® catamaran exactly as he wants it!

Manufacturing your Yacht

Under the constant supervision of Catamaris, your CATMAR EXPLORER® 64 Wheelchair catamaran will be built at our partner Dijkstra Jachtbouw B.V. shipyard in Harlingen on the Wadden Sea in Holland, which has many years of experience in building multihulls. Dijkstra is certified by "Germanischer Lloyd" and "Bureau Veritas" and has already built more than 180 aluminium catamaran yachts and commercial vessels.

Technical Specifications

LOA 64.00ft - 19.50m
Beam 31.40ft - 9.57m
Draft 4.79ft - 1.46m
Building Certified Aluminium
Cabins 1-2 Master, 2-4 guests
Crew 1-2
Total sail area 240 m²
Main Engines 2 x 160 hp
Max speed under power 12 knots
Optionally “Green ECO Power” Hybrid propulsion
Naval Architect Marimecs B.V. - NL
Interior Design Marimecs B.V. - NL

Side views of the CATMAR EXPLORER 64 Wheelchair

Layouts of the CATMAR EXPLORER 64 Wheelchair

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Catamaris® commitment to the sustainable reduction of its carbon footprint focuses in particular on the materials used. These components can be recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly way:

  • Hulls and superstructure built of certified aluminium
  • All components made of stainless steel (Inox)
  • Engines, gearboxes, shafts, propellers, generators, water makers
  • Cork for deck coverings
  • Furniture construction, upholstery, safety glazing of the windows, fireproof insulation of aluminium hulls und superstructure
  • Rig and sails: mast, boom, shrouds, spreaders. The new, fully recyclable „ONE“ sails certified with the ISO 14040 life cycle assessment.

Catamaris® also makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions during operation.On Catamaris® catamarans, these components reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Engines, gensets and equipment that meet the high EU standards in terms of CO2 emissions, for example.
  • With our optional diesel-electric hybrid propulsion systems, a further significant reduction of CO2 emissions into the environment is achieved.

With a sustainable and environmentally friendly Catamaris® catamaran, you can make a positive contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

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