Explorer Sailing Yachts

Catmar Explorer 57 protected helm

Catmar Explorer 57

Sturdy ocean explorer catamaran for bluewater and circumnavigation, also for expeditions to the Arctic. Built in our shipyard in Holland from certified aluminium.

Catmar Explorer 64-ML

A "one-off" design Explorer catamaran in certified aluminium for circumnavigation. Safe, strong, reliable, robust and fast sailing, made in our shipyard in Holland.

Catmar Explorer 64

An individual seaworthy custom-made Explorer catamaran for all oceans. 205 sqm living space, good sailing characteristics, made in our shipyard in Holland

Catmar Explorer 64 wheelchair

Catmar Explorer 64 Wheelchair

Wheelchair accessible Explorer catamaran for worldwide blue water cruising, made in our shipyard in Holland. Wheelchair access to all decks and cabins, single-handed.

Catmar Explorer 71

Comfortable ocean explorer catamaran for circumnavigation, individual design, made of certified aluminium, good sailing performance, can be viewed currently under construction in Holland.

Sturdy Explorer Sailing Catamarans

Individually planned sturdy "full-custom" Explorer sailing catamarans cannot be ordered or bought off the shelf of a series production manufacturer.

But one can have them built individually and custom-made:

Have the design and layout developed together with CATAMARIS® and its architects and have them built at one of the experienced Catamaris® shipyards in Holland, Germany and Europe.