Trimaran Sailing Yacht Blue Coast 160®

A truly sensational appearance:

This BLUE COAST 160` sailing trimaran mega yacht with 3 decks is a fusion of architecture, design, comfort, performance, luxury, economy and technology. The 48m long carbon fibre trimaran yacht was designed by world-renowned naval architect Jean-Jacques Coste.


The BLUE COAST 160` has extendable side hulls. At sea, the overall width of 23 m then offers very stable sailing even in rougher seas. With the side hulls retracted, the yacht, which is only 11 m wide, finds suitable berths in marinas and harbours. The shallow draft allows anchoring close to the most beautiful beaches.

Read here an article about this stunning trimaran from Multihulls World magazine no. 191.

The energy concept is also revolutionary: all the energy required on board comes from renewable sources. Of course, the latest battery management system (BMS) technology with state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries is part of the overall concept. This means that exclusive ports can be entered with renewable energy. Additional requested energy can be generated by an optional hybrid propulsion system.

The customised luxurious interior design is also by Jean-Jacques Coste. Of course, a garage for the owner's car "matching" the yacht has also been thought of; it can get on and off the yacht via the retractable platform.

With a twinkle in the eye, here is a note on the term "yacht": At the christening of the new "Brittania" by Queen Elizabeth II, a journalist asked why a vessel of 126 m length with a crew of 236 and 5.769 GRT could be be called a "yacht"? A member of the Royal Family gave him a convincing answer: "The use of the term yacht does not depend on the type, length, weight or size of the crew of a vessel, but on the status of the owner!"

Design according to your preferences

The design of the Blue Coast 160 can be adapted to your ideas as you desire in terms of length, width, number and layout of cabins, interior fittings and furnishings.

Manufacturing your Yacht

Under the constant supervision of Catamaris® and Jean-Jacques Coste, your BLUE COAST 160 sailing trimaran will be built in a certified shipyard in Europe with many years of experience in successfully manufacturing numerous luxury Super- Yachts, multihulls and trimarans.

Technical Specifications

LOA 160ft - 48.00m
Beam 57.40ft - 23.10m
Draft 5.90ft - 1.80m
Building Prepreg Carbon Epoxy
Cabins Master and 8 guest cabins
Crew cabins 3
Total sail area 360m²
Main Engines Optional hybrid system
Max speed under power 15 knots
Naval Architect Coste Design
Interior Design Coste Design

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Every BLUE COAST YACHT is unique. Jean-Jacques Coste's signature has made his designs timeless and elegant while maximising performance, comfort and luxury.