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Since 2011, Catamaris® has been designing and building fast and luxurious catamarans, trimarans and explorer catamarans from 17-52m/57-173 feet. Our maritime masterpieces are built according to your personal preferences in "full custom" construction from certified aluminium or high-tech composite material in renowned shipyards in Europe. Yachts under construction can be viewed. They are among the best catamarans on the market.

  1. Performance sailing and motor catamarans
  2. Explorer sailing and motor catamarans
  3. Mega Yacht sailing and motor trimarans
  4. Eco Energysystem "Green ECO Power"
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On our website you can see a small selection of numerous designs and built catamarans, trimarans and explorer catamarans. All can be made both smaller and larger and in "full custom" construction according to your preferences.

Sailing and Motor Catamarans

Together with our architect Jean-Jaques Coste, we design performance sailing and motor catamarans and superyacht catamarans from 57-135 feet in length and build them in European shipyards with high-tech composite or certified aluminium.

Handcrafted by passionate boat builders, each Catamaris® catamaran and trimaran matures into a unique vessel, entirely according to your individual requirements. Our owners are involved in the design and construction process from the very beginning, creating long-term relationships based on mutual confidence.

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Sturdy Explorer Sailing and Motor Catamarans

Marimecs in Holland is our naval architect for perfect and sturdy blue-water explorer catamarans with ice reinforcements from 57-78 feet for worldwide cruising, including expeditions to the Arctic, through the Northwest Passage and to the Antarctic.

They are built at the Catamaris® yard in Holland from certified aluminium. They are among the best Explorer and Trawler catamarans on the market.

On request, for explorations the hulls of Catamaris® Explorer catamarans can be shaped below the waterline to prevent horizontal pressure on the sides when stuck in ice. The hulls lift out of the water when side pressure is applied and thus cannot be pressed.

Currently a 72 ft. Explorer sailing catamaran is under construction in our shipyard in Holland. If you are interested in a no-obligation inspection, please feel free to contact us.

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Mega Yacht Sailing and Motor Trimarans

Together with our naval architect and interior designer Jean-Jaques Coste, we design Megayacht sailing trimarans of 160 feet (49 metres) and Megayachtmotor trimarans of 174 feet (53 metres). As "full-custom" one-off constructions according to your preferences. Smaller formats from 95 feet in length can also be realised.

The 160-foot mega sailing trimaran with 3 decks is a very distinctive appearance. With the extendable side hulls, in which the 4 crew cabins are located, it reaches a width of 23m. This ensures high stability at sea. In the harbour, with a width of only 11m, it always finds a berth.

With 174 ft. /53m length, the power mega trimaran "Galaxy" made of glass and carbon fibre with 2 MTU drives of 1,300hp each represents a very unique appearance. The maximum speed is 28kn. The sister ship "Galaxy of Happiness" is identical in construction, both have transatlantic range.

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Catamaris® - leading in renewable energies

Catamaris® provides you with the field-proven diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system "Green ECO Power". After successful test years with 4 large, well-known superyachts and 15 commercial vessels, the innovative, diesel-electric hybrid propulsion and energy system "Green ECO Power" is also available for CATAMARIS® catamarans as an alternative to conventional diesel engine propulsion. For environmentally friendly and sustainable cruising worldwide.

The Green ECO Power System is designed to significantly reduce diesel fuel consumption, resulting in lower emissions of NoX (nitrogen oxides) and Co2 (carbon dioxides). Other benefits include high reliability, low noise and vibration levels, minimal maintenance intervals and worldwide access to protected areas that are only allowed for electrically eco powered yachts.

In addition, we also provide other measures to obtain green, sustainable and environmentally friendly eco-energy and measures to save energy on board. 

We are convinced that with the right eye for detail and the right pursuit of all possible measures, we can create a vessel that is almost completely self-sufficient without using fossil fuels and can be operated predominantly with renewable energies, including solar energy.

Get the advice of the professionals at Catamaris®

No matter what you decide, let Catamaris® offer you advice! You will be surprised at the opportunities you have to make your dream come true. Even more surprised that this is also affordable!

Talk to the experienced professionals at Catamaris® who are involved in every new building right from the start. Be it in the discussions with the customer and the architects about the development of the design of the new catamaran or trimaran yacht, be it in the consistent support and supervision of all construction phases at our certified shipyards in Europa. Distributors or dealers of series-built or "semi-custom" catamarans are bound in their advice to the product portfolio of the respective manufacturer.

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